AKSR Membership

If you are very interested in Karakuls, you should consider becoming a member of the AKSR!  Membership gives you these benefits:

Following are the current membership fees for the American Karakul Sheep Registry.  New and Renewal Membership Fees are the same price.  Membership Fees are due at the beginning of each year if you wish to retain membership status.

To join, click here for our printable Work Order Form.  Any questions are directed here.

Karakul Friends Newsletter

Every three months or so, the AKSR publishes another edition of the Karakul Friends Newsletter, which is mailed to our members.  Its purpose is to facilitate the sharing of ideas and information with fellow breeders, owners, and admirers of the Karakul sheep.

Unfortunately, the Newsletter would not be possible without the contributions of the members.  Therefore, we are forced to make membership a requirement for receiving the Newsletter.