Karakuls and the U.S. Army in Afghanistan

   We thought everyone would enjoy seeing this picture of an Army Medic holding a Karakul Sheep to be vaccinated.  The picture published in the Mountain Warrior Weekly was sent to us by Robert Stonerock whose old Army unit is in Afghanistan.  Dee contacted Spec. Zia Al Haq through the Kandahar Press Center.  He replied and told us they do not know how many Karakul sheep remain there.  The shepherds are slowly bringing them in to be vaccinated when they know the medics are in the area.  Spec. Haq  said the shepherds are nomads and move all the time.  He was very happy to know we were so excited to get the picture.  The U.S. Army was making sure the Karakuls would be around for the Afghan shepherds for a long time.  Spec. Haq asked us to send him a Karakul T-Shirt with Karakulsheep.com printed on it.  The "T-shirt" was such a good idea we had some made and sent him several for himself and a few friends.