My Karakuls

(by Ramona Butt)


                                                        I went to the barn tonight and I found

                                                        A set of twins; already up and around

                                                        Still wobbly and wet, yet strong as could be

                                                        A shepherd's delight of the Karakul breed

                                                        One was black with a little white

                                                        The other all black and what a sight

                                                        Both were ewe lambs and I smiled with pride

                                                        As they both finished nursing, and lay down at her side

                                                        The ewe was proud too, as anyone could tell

                                                        She had done it by herself, and all had gone well

                                                        The Karakul breed, so strong and proud

                                                        Has survived through the ages and still is around

                                                        The Karakul breed, beautiful and true

                                                        The right breed for me, the right breed for you.